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Are your metal insulated water bottes safe ? What are the differences of stainless steel materials ?

Safe Material for insulated water bottle

Compared with other kinds’ material of water bottles, stainless steel vacuum flasks are the most cost-effective, they have various styles and designs, lasting for longer, suitable for all consumers’ needs of everyday, sports or travel. However, is it your metal water bottle safe witout leaking any harmful substances into water ? That firstly we need to know the material of  stainless steel material.  Usual the stainless  steel material made for water bottle is divided into 316 , 304 and 201 stainless steel.

201 stainless steel : It is a cheap metal material,  mostly used in industrial of  manufacturing steel pipes,  to make decoration materials,  or outer case of watch . It had been proved that 201 stainless steel is not food grade, caused by it contains large amount of Manganese, the maganese will give rise to the rust of water bottle, and if the 201 stainless steel water bottle is heated for a long time, it may leak more harmful metal out.

304 Stainless Steel :  There are two most important elements in 304 stainless steel , they are Ni, Cr.  304 stainless steel contains  the Ni 8% and the Cr 18%,  that is the resaon why it is also called 18/8 stainless steel.

304 stainless steel  is recognized as the food grade material. It meets the standard , and having excellent corrosion resistance and good processability. . It is a material that is absolutely safe and hygienic. 304 stainless steel is widely used in everyday drinking containers and other food and beverage industry. At present, it is the most common and safest material for high quality insulated vacuum flasks.

316 stainless steel : It is a kind of medical grade material ! It has better performances than 304 stainless steel in corrosion resistance, welding, however Its cost is also higher.  If for water bottles used in the normal conditions, we recommend 304 stainless steel.
316 stainless steel is the material that is most widely used in medical and  surgical industrial. If you are looking for the high end insulated water bottle, then 316 material will be a good choice.

Junding Industrial produced insulated stainless steel water bottle, generally using material of stainless steel 304  if the clients do not have specific requirements.  We can promise that every reusable insulated bottle made from us is safe and healthy for drinking water.

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