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Brief Introduction Of Insulated Water Bottle Market


Introduction : China has  played the most important role of manufacturing and exporting stainless steel water bottle to worldwide.  Though the market of vacuum flasks is kepping going up, the competition is also going harder.  For the insulation water bottle enterprises,  now they not only  meet the other continuing competitors, but also meet the competition of how to satisfy consumers’ demand.

1. Market Situation

In the market, stainless steel bottles  are mainly divided into three levels: high, medium and low end. High-end market has been taken over by famous brand company. 80 % of the other sales especially the Amazon sellers are in the medium and low end market, they meet the problem of finding out the advantages to beat their competitors. 

Unfortunely,  stainless steel water bottles’ market is full of the similarity designs. That will ask the new comer or not big brand water bottle company to do better in price, quality,service, marketing channel and cost control.

However, the market vaule of vacuum flask will continue to expand, keeping 4.8% increases each year to 2025.  At present, the avergae people rate of vacuum bottle keeped is only in 0.67.  It can be predicted that the potential market of stainless steel water bottle is going to be released in the near future with the development of consumption level. The market is going to be larger and larger.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ” but all in all, “it was the season of Light, it was the spring of hope”

According to relevant research, the major buyers of  vacuum flasks are office workers, students, car owners, the middle age and elderly group and a small number of functional bottle demand groups.  To students and office workers,  they care the main functions of thermos bottle is to be protable, easy to use and beautiful, and the key : price is moderate. Car owners users mainly have higher requirements on the quality and function of thermos bottles, so they aslo purchase quality car insulation cup. While the elderly value most of the health and safety.

With the constant changes in market, buyers now care more about the fuction and health saftey of stainless steel water bottles, like the wine tumblers, it is popular through the outside apperance of the tumbler shape. Which indicates that the new type of stainless steel bottles’ market will have a larger boosting . The key to have expanding growth of insulation water bottle is to find the segmentation market and dig deep in it.

2. China Manufactures' condition

China Vacuum flasks bottle manufactures offers service at OEM or ODM in the industry chain. And China takes the major role as the supplier of vacuum bottle to the world.

There are also three kinds of manufactures in China,  big, medium and small.

Big Factory :  mainly produce bottles for the China domestic market,  target consumer is high end groups, price is much higher, to the oversea business, they usual choose ODM ways to cooperate.

Medium Company :  They are the main force in China to manufacture stainless steel water bottle to the world.  Their market power is price performance. To make the same quality as famous brand, but price is much cheaper. Cost control and various designs with high quality are the bases of survival for those manufactures.

Small Company : Due to the limit of funds, those small enterprises are lack of R& D team, so they produce for the low end market for the cheapest price. The key power for them is cheap price.

Junding Insutrial is a medium size factory of stainless steel water bottle. In the past decade years, Junding have gained rich prodcution and design experience through working with many brands in OEM and ODM.  To improve the bottles’ quality, expand the new fuctions , save the production cost, offer good service are our advantages.

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