What is vacuum insulated water bottle ?

vacuum insulated water bottle

What is vacuum insulated water bottles ? They can keep your drinks ice cold or hot all day long.  Insulated water bottle won’t follow the changings of temperature inside as the outsider temperature changed.  They are the best way to keep your water super cold for 24 hours, or to keep drinks hot for an impressive 12 hours. If you find your insulated bottle sweats, that means your bottle does not have fuctions of insulation.

On the market, there are many types of bottle called insulated water bottle. The popular hot sale and the best player is made from stainless steel material.

What are the differences with vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle and cheap stainless steel bottle ?

  1. The insulated steel bottles have double wall stainless steel , one for the water and one for the outside, and bewteen the double wall surrounding with a vacuum layer . The vacuum layer islolates the heat transfer form inner layer and out layer of stainless steel.  This double walled vacuum design makes a greatly increases the time warm and cold liquids maintain a desired temperatur.
Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

2. Single Stainless Steel Bottle : They are not a kind of water insulated bottle. However, if you are looking for a bottle for gifts ideas or promotional ,or just for cold water and beverage drinks. Single stainless steel bottles are going to be a best choice. They are an effective, low-cost, non-reactive, BPA free, and lightweight.  The weakness is that you may burn your hands while you put hot water in.

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